Quake Live Aimbot\Wallhack ESP,TRIGGERBOT

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Quake Live AimbotWallhack ESP,TRIGGERBOT

Post by Admin (9varandag) on Fri Jan 16, 2015 8:23 pm

Download (Only registerd users can see links)
This is an awesome hack for quake live. Quake is a steam game and its ok to play i think. It is fully undetected, i have been playing atleast every 6 months with this.
File: DLL (Need injector) Download Injector (Only registerd users can see links)
1. Open Quake and the injector
2.Drag the dll in to the dll section of the injector
3.on the injector select quake live as the program
4. Press inject and press ALT+X to activate ingame and ALT+UP,DOWN,SIDES to select and toogle.

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